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About us

We are the Urth Essence!

Our motto “From Earth to U” is not just words.

It is critical for us that everyone can taste a high-quality, organic, and at the same time delicious product.

The idea to create a brand arose from the realization that it is very difficult to find a quality vegan product on the market, which would be free of sugar, gluten, and palm fat, and that this product is also delicious.

Therefore, we approached the development of the formulation of our products very carefully and after many attempts, we created the PERFECT product!

The peculiarity of our sweets is that they can be consumed by children, diabetics, vegans, and vegetarians, those who are on keto or paleo diets.

We have fundamentally abandoned the use of sugar, palm fat, GMOs, milk, gluten, and other chemicals that can be harmful to health.

Urth Essence - these are real superfood sweets, healthy and tasty, those that can be eaten without harm to your figure and health.

We are happy to start this journey, we hope you will be with us!