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One of the main advantages of our chocolate and spreads is that they do not contain added sugar.

But how can sweets be without sugar?

It is possible! And they are much more healthy.

As an analog of sugar, we use monk fruit extract and erythritol, which do not contain empty calories and do not raise blood insulin levels.

You can read more in our Superfoods section.

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We only use the most natural and organic products you can find. After all, not only the taste of the product depends on this, but also its benefits.

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no gmo

Given the fact that all of our ingredients are completely organic, they do NOT contain any genetically modified organisms.

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no emulsifiers

Most of the emulsifiers used in the production of chocolate or desserts are synthetic or derived from soybeans, which are often GMO products. Therefore, we DO NOT use them in our products.

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