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No Palm Oil

We are proud to say that our products do NOT contain trans fats and are completely safe!

Why is it important?

Cheap and unhealthy, palm oil is found in literally all products.

Artificial trans fats are formed when vegetable oils are saturated with hydrogen, making them hard. Trans fats have a detrimental effect on human health: a diet high in trans fats increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 21% and mortality by 28%.

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We only use the most natural and organic products you can find. After all, not only the taste of the product depends on this, but also its benefits.

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There is no lecithin in our natural, pure chocolate. It also tastes different - rich and real. You will feel it right away.

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Our products do not contain animal fats and milk. The analogs are coconut milk, coconut butter, and cocoa butter.

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